The Rev. John Nunes, PhD, the pastor at Pilgrim Lutheran Church in Santa Monica, and a senior fellow at the Center for Religion, Culture & Democracy, is the former president of Concordia College New York and the former president and CEO of Lutheran World Relief. He speaks and writes on diversity, vocation, and the intersection of theology and culture—topics included in his recently released Meant for More: In, With, and Under the Ordinary.

Our Vision

The Center for Religion, Culture, and Democracy envisions democratic societies which affirm the essential role of religious convictions, peoples, and institutions in cultivating free and flourishing communities.

Our Mission

To achieve our vision, the CRCD supports the creation and promotion of high quality scholarship at the intersection of religion, culture, and democracy. Our publications, programming, and resources affirm the importance of religion as a public good for strengthening social bonds and reinforcing foundational freedoms.