CRCD Programs

CRCD Programs

Fellowship programs provide participants with resources, knowledge, and training to advocate for human freedom in their communities, in their vocations, and in the public square.

Shaftesbury Fellowship

The Shaftesbury Fellowship’s rigorous curriculum consists of weekly readings and discussions on topics such as:

  • natural law and natural rights
  • the origins and nature of religious liberty
  • conflicts and concord between church and state
  • the place of the nation-state in the modern world
  • global dimensions of religious freedom

Become a fellow and you’ll be paired with a faculty member or professional mentor, who will provide guidance as you develop a publishable research article on a relevant topic of your interest.

The First Liberty Fellowship

We’ve gathered the best and brightest minds advocating for religious freedom today. As a fellow, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from, meet, and network with these leaders.

When you join us in D.C., you will learn all about public policy–what it is, the role statistics play in research, opinion writing, job searching, and funding and management.

After you officially complete the First Liberty Fellowship, you will be equipped with the motivation and information you need to advocate for religious freedom for all Americans, starting right in your own circle of peers.

The First Liberty Fellowship

 Savannah Seminar

The CRCD’s Savannah Seminar provides students the opportunity to explore a wide range of topics related to the American founding, democratic ideals, and the important role that religious ideas and institutions play in the development of free and flourishing societies.

    Savannah is an appropriate venue for the CRCD’s Seminar on Democratic Ideals, as it embodied early American experiments in pluralism, religious liberty, and civil society. During the course of this five-day event, participants will enjoy interactive seminars, see the historic areas of the city on guided tours, and develop lasting friendships with peers and mentors.