Savannah Seminar


April 10-14, 2024


 Savannah Seminar


April 10-14, 2024


Savannah Forsyth Fountain

Equipping Rising Leaders to Build a Free and Flourishing Society

Equipping Rising Leaders to Build a Free and Flourishing Society

The CRCD’s Savannah Seminar provides students the opportunity to explore a wide range of topics related to the American founding, democratic ideals, and the important role that religious ideas and institutions play in the development of free and flourishing societies.


What is the

Savannah Seminar Experience

Savannah Seminar Experience

Founded in 1733 as the British colonial capital of Georgia, Savannah is the perfect venue for the CRCD’s Seminar on Religion, Culture, and Democracy, as it was home to early American experiments in pluralism, religious liberty, and civil society. Students selected for this this five-day event will participate in interactive lectures from leading scholars, join expert-led tours to explore some of the city’s most beautiful historic area, and develop lasting relationships with peers and mentors.

Speakers include:

Dr. Jordan Ballor
Dr. Anne Rathbone Bradley
Brooke Dimsdale
Trey Dimsdale
Dr. Elisabeth Kincaid
Prof. Adam MacLeod

Dr. Andrew McGinnis
Dr. John Arthur Nunes
Dr. James M. Patterson
Dr. Stephen Presley
Dr. Richard Turnbull

Who should apply?

The Savannah Seminar is designed primarily for upper-level undergraduate students, although outstanding recent graduates and other students are welcome to apply. Students can be enrolled in any field of study, but will want to make sure to have exposure to the humanities and social sciences. Successful applicants will be high-performing with excellent letters of recommendations and writing samples.

All accepted participants will receive a travel stipend to cover airfare as well as all lodging, meals, and program materials in Savannah.

The ideal applicant will have: 

High GPA

Have a high GPA in undergraduate and, if applicable, graduate coursework;


Outstanding references from former instructors;

Humanities & Society

A broad undergraduate-level comprehension of the humanities and social sciences.

Ready to Apply?

The Savannah Seminar on Religious Freedom will take place April 10-14, 2024 in Savannah, Georgia.

The Savannah Seminar is open to any college junior or senior pursuing an undergraduate degree. All who are eager to deepen their knowledge of America’s first freedom and learn how they can advance the cause of religious liberty are welcome, regardless of field of study or career path.

Required application items include:

•Completed online application


•Letter of Recommendation

•Writing Sample

For questions regarding the application process, contact Morgan Miller at .

Have a question?

Feel free to send us your questions about the fellowship or application requirements.